With annual sales of 3.8 million hectoliters in 2015, Bitburger is among Germany’s best selling and arguably most popular breweries. The company was founded in 1817 by Johann Wallenborn and is headquartered in Bitburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

During my two years at Jung von Matt, Bitburger was my main account. Besides several ATL projects including TV, print and radio commercials, I was also the first-line contact person for all digital projects and campaigns. Of particular note here is the 360-degree campaign to coincide with the soccer World Cup 2014. Please find a few work examples below.

FIFA World Cup 2014

360-degree campaign with the German national team

Bitburger is one of the executive sponsors of the German national football team. For the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil (which Germany eventually won) we developed a huge all-embracing campaign covering all ATL and BTL media channels including a highly emotional TV spot and an extensive social media campaign.

For the tournament and this campaign we wanted to convey the close bond between the German national soccer team and its fans. While the whole country is suporting the players, everyone shares the excitement, emotion and ecstasy of the tournament. The slogan "Wenn aus 80 Millionen ein Team wird" translates into "When 80 million people come together as one team".

As Account Manager, I was responsible for the overall organization and realization of the campaign. This included everything from time planning and budget monitoring to daily customer and supplier contact as well as production preparation, execution and post-processing.

On Facebook we created various posts, covering the whole tournament. Thereby we focused on the games of the German national team, offering information about the next opponents as well as live-commenting during the games while using Bitburger products.

Besides the actual World Cup campaign, we developed the promotional Fan Force One campaign. Using a crown cap mechanism, customers could win an exclusive trip (flying in the Fan Force One airplane) to Brazil to witness a game of the German national team.

In total we worked almost a year on this campaign. Being a soccer fan myself, creating a campaign involving the German national team, the current world champion, was obviously an exciting, informative and challenging task.

Sport sponsoring

Yearly print visuals of several Bundesliga teams

Bitburger is not only sponsoring the German national team but also several clubs playing in the first and second Bundesliga. To strengthen this sponsorship, JvM creates new individual print commercials for the respective teams every year. They are photographed by Klaus Merz. You can find a few examples below.

I was fully responsible for these campaigns. Together with the accountable Art Director I visited every shooting, managed the entire production process starting with the first client briefing and ending with the delivery of the finished and approved visuals and got to know a couple of Bundesliga stars along the way.


Creating content for over 360.000 people

With over 360.000 followers on Facebook, Bitburger has the largest community on the platform of all German breweries. We created weekly posts and larger social media campaigns to help build and maintain this large audience.

Besides content creation, we were also responsible for the continuous conceptual and strategic advancement of Bitburgers social media presence, for instance for new product launches, realignments, etc.

I was responsible for the day-to-day business including communicating (and sometimes mediating) between the clients and our designers and overseeing the budget as well as helping with the strategic advancements.


Product development & branding

For Bitburgers “Fassbrause” (~root beer), we did not only create the marketing campaign but helped with product development and branding right from the start.

For me this was a great opportunity to learn about product development within a large company. I learned first-hand how to bring a product from the drawing table into the shelves of stores and into the hands of its customers.

While the projects above aren’t everything I did for Bitburger during my time at Jung von Matt, I do hope they offered a good impression about the kind of work I did.

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Last updated: May 2015